Community Facts

check-mark-3-xxl.pngCentrally located and accessible to the skilled workforce of the NE Ohio Region and nearly half of all U.S. Households are within an 8 hour drive 
check-mark-3-xxl.pngWithin a 3 mile radius of Fairlawn, 78.6% of residents have college experience with 2.1% holding doctorate degrees, 14.6% master degrees and 31.2% bachelor degree
check-mark-3-xxl.pngClose proximity to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Akron-Canton Airport
check-mark-3-xxl.pngOpportunity to purchase or lease land

check-mark-3-xxl.pngAbility to collaborate regionally with economic partners to create job growth incentives

Centrally located and accessible to the entire workforce of the North East Ohio Region, with one of the nation's shortest commute times of 21.4 minutes and a wide range of housing opportunities, the City of Fairlawn is an ideal location for today's modern workforce. Fairlawn is host to many amenities that a workforce demands, including over 50 restaurants within a 10 minute drive and world class shopping which includes the region's premier indoor shopping destination, Summit Mall. Additionally, the immediate vicinity hosts approximately 500 hotel rooms including a four star world class Hilton. The City has the advantage of having a direct green connection, via Sand Run Metro Park, to the Nation's 10th most visited national park, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

check-mark-3-xxl.pngFairlawn Corporate Park area includes over 50 restaurants and approximately 500 hotel rooms within a 10 minute drive
check-mark-3-xxl.pngClose proximity to Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Summa Health System and Akron General

check-mark-3-xxl.pngSummit County area is ground zero for the polymer science industry, and Fairlawn Corporate Park is located within a 17 minute drive of The University of Akron

check-mark-3-xxl.pngProximity to the University of Akron makes ready access for world class education and research facilities

check-mark-3-xxl.pngAll utilities in place including; fiber, cable, water, sewer, electric and road network

The City of Fairlawn is located within ground zero of the polymer science industry. The University of Akron, which is the premier research university for North East Ohio, is within a short 17 minute drive and offers multiple opportunities for collaboration with highly technical and specialized personnel as well as enhanced training for the modern workforce. Additionally there are a number of other colleges and universities within the immediate area with many specialized opportunities for education including Kent State University's Liquid Crystal Institute (LCD) and Cleveland State University. The North Eastern Ohio region is located within one of the nation's largest aquifers. Finally, the City of Fairlawn area is not located within any special geological or special weather hazard area.