When the judgment has been announced by the Court, you will be directed to the seats in the front of the Courtroom, and then escorted by the Bailiff to the Clerks office where fines are paid.

There is no provision for paying fines in installments without specific court approval. If it is necessary for you to seek financial assistance, you will be extended the courtesy of a phone call.

Fines are not imposed in an effort to raise money, but to remind drivers of the hazards of improper driving. Your legislators are the lawmakers and they have adopted the fine system. Neither the Magistrate, the Police Officer, or the Clerk make the laws, nor do they receive any part of the fine. All fines and costs are paid over to the City Treasury.

Waiver Schedule

404.02Resisting (traffic)$137.00
412.01Placing obstruction on street$117.00
414.01Obey traffic control device$92.00
414.03Red Light$92.00
414.06Flashing traffic signal$92.00
414.08A2Driving on fresh paint$92.00
414.09Right turn on red prohibited$92.00
414.095Left turns prohibited$92.00
416.03Right-of-way by pedestrian/jaywalking$92.00
416.05Walking on sidewalks and streets$92.00
416.09Failure to yield to a pedestrian$107.00
416.10Intoxication(ped. On roadway)$127.00
432.01Driving upon right side of roadway$92.00
432.03Overtaking, passing to left$137.00
432.04Overtaking, passing to right$92.00
432.05Overtaking, passing left of centerline$92.00
432.06Driving upon left side of roadway$137.00
432.07Hazardous/no passing zones$137.00
432.08Lane straddling$92.00
432.09Following too close$127.00
432.10turning at intersections$92.00
432.11U-turns restricted$92.00
432.12Starting/backing vehicle$92.00
432.13Change of course (signal turns)$92.00
432.14Hand and arm signals$92.00
432.15Right-of-way at intersections$92.00
432.16Right-of-way, left turns$92.00
432.17Operation of vehicle at stop/yield signs$92.00
432.19Right-of-way of public safety vehicles/corner$217.00
432.20Right-of-way at private drives, alley or building$92.00
432.21Right-of-way of funeral procession$137.00
432.22Driving upon sidewalks$92.00
432.23Obstructed view$137.00
432.24Driving on closed road$87.00
432.25Following, parking near emergency vehicle$167.00
432.26Driving over fire hose$167.00
432.28One way street$92.00
432.29Driving upon divided highway$137.00
432.30Stopped school busNOT WAIVERABLE
432.34Obstructing intersections or crosswalks$117.00
432.36Shortcutting across private property$97.00
432.39Littering from motor vehicle$137.00
432.40Use of earphones while driving$92.00
434.02(a)Reckless operation (public)$137.00
434.02(b)Reckless operation (private)$137.00
434.025Reasonable control$117.00
434.03(A)Assured clear distanceNOT WAIVERABLE
1) Not more than 15 above limit
2) From 16-20 above limit
3) More than 20 above limit

434.04Slow speed; posted minimum speed$77.00
436.072Expired Operator's License or expired/Motor Cycle endorsement
1) Dismissed if proof shown of valid Operator's License or
Motor Cycle Endorsement at time of citation
2) Within 1-7 days of expiration
3) Within 8-30 days of expiration
4) Within 31-90 days of expiration
5) Over 90 days
436.09Display of license plates/expires$82.00
438.01Unsafe vehicle$117.00
438.02Lighted lights$87.00
438.03Two headlights (MV) one headlight (MC)$87.00
438.04Tail lights/license plate light$87.00
438.08Red light, red flag on extended loads$92.00
438.09Lights on parked vehicle or stopped vehicles$92.00
438.10Lights/emblem on slow moving vehicle$92.00
438.11Spotlight and auxiliary lights$92.00
438.12Cowl, fender and backup lights$87.00
438.13Two lights displayed$87.00
438.14Use of headlight beams$92.00
438.15Lights of less intensity on slow moving vehicles$92.00
438.16Number of lights: red and flashing lights$92.00
438.17Focus and aim of headlights$92.00
438.18Brakes (438.18(a) emergency brakes)$127.00
438.19Horn siren and theft alarm signal$107.00
438.20Muffler (excess smoke/noise)$107.00
438.21Rear-view mirror, clear view$92.00
438.22Windshield required/wipers$92.00
438.225Tinted glass; material on glass$132.00
438.23Limited load extension, left side$92.00
438.24Motor vehicle stop lights$92.00
438.27Use of child restraints$107.00
440.03Wheel protectors$92.00
440.05CTowing requirements$92.00
44.06Leaking loads$87.00
452.01Prohibited parking street/hwy$167.00
452.02Police may remove illegally parked motor vehicle$137.00
452.06Unattended vehicles; duty to lock ignition, remove key, set brake, etc.$117.00
452.09Handicapped parking$317.00
474.02Motorcycle handlebars/glasses/helmets$92.00
ORC 4513.263Seatbelt- Driver$97.00

Seatbelt- Passenger$87.00