Fairlawn Park


Fairlawn Park is located at 3303 Ridgewood Road and houses our Community Garden and Soccer Fields.

Community Garden

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Three year plot costs will be as follows: $60/ Fairlawn Residents, $45 for Fairlawn adults ages 60 and over, and $75 for non resident.

Garden plots are 20' by 20' in size and will be assigned on a first come first served basis upon receipt of a completed application and the required fee.

Master Gardeners of Summit County

What's eating your garden?

Along with the pollinators we love come the insects that we have deemed to be pests because, during their life cycle, they damage our vegetable plants and can interfere with our crop. Keep in mind that in an insect friendly garden, the predatory insects will take care of some of these pests for you.

Vines wilting? Two insects could be the culprits.

Squash bugs!
The adults are 5/8 of an inch long now, brownish gray, and cluster together under the cover of the plant, quickly scattering when disturbed. They have been feeding on your plants and injecting a toxic substance that causes the leaf to wilt. If your whole plant is wilting pull the plant and discard in the trash or under the ground. On the healthy leaves, look for clusters of brown eggs on the top and underside of the leaves along their veins. These are easy to scrape off and "squash" between your fingers.

Cumber beetle!
They may have fed on your very young cucumber, squash, pumpkin, and/or melon vines stems and killed them earlier when they were new vines by spreading a serious bacterial wilt for which there is no control. As stated above, the wilted vines need to be discarded properly. Then these striped yellow and black beetles feed on your peas, beans and corn too.

If you are finding leaf miners in your beets greens, swiss chard, and spinach (winding browning areas on a leaf) just pick the effected leaves and get them out of the garden. Flea beetles also do a number on the greens, piercing the leaves to feed and leaving a shot hole appearance to the leaf. Fortunately, we can still eat all parts of the plant.

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Fairlawn Soccer Fields

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